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Letter to the Editor, Statistical Expertise

Letter to the Editor that appeared in the Financial Times on January 11, 2007; it is an example of my expertise, knowledge, and history of statistical gathering agencies.


Statistical reminder from US history

By Bruce Steinberg

Published: January 11 2007 02:00

From Mr Bruce Steinberg.

Sir, The need to make the producers of official government statistics independent from the society and government they are measuring, regardless of the country, is paramount, as you indicate in your editorial "Not lies but statistics" (January 8).

Reliable and credible industry and market intelligence are essential to develop and maintain efficient markets as well as for transparent and pertinent public policy development.

As the UK parliament debates the issue, it may want to review history and learn how Richard Nixon pressured the US Bureau of Labor Statistics to change and/or delay the release of unemployment and consumer price index figures.

Fortunately, career executives at the BLS staunchly resisted although some careers were affected.

Bruce Steinberg,
Employment & Economic Consultant,
Alexandria, VA 22309, US


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