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Here are some comments about my work from colleagues and clients about my overall staffing and employment analysis and products...

Testimonials of overall analyses:

Product testimonials:

  • "I have been following Bruce for years. He is and has always been, spot on with his jobs analysis. You can take his analysis 'to the bank.'” – Tav Gauss CEO, President, The Action Group | Human Resources Solutions.

  • I founded Creative Staffing in 1985. About five years later, I first met Bruce when I was the president of the Florida Staffing Association (then known as the Florida Association of Temporary Services) when he first joined the staff of the American Staffing Association (was National Association of Temporary Services, NATS). In the more than 20 years that I have known him and seen his career progress, I have also known many staffing service consultants and experts. Plainly stated, he is the BEST employment analyst there is. He understands our challenges and industry like no other. – Ann Machado, President | CEO | Founder, Creative Staffing

  • “I worked with Bruce when he was with the American Staffing Association, Staffing Industry Analysts and as a colleague on the Business Research Advisory Council to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Bruce has unique and powerful insights and perspectives on everything related to labor statistics and the staffing industry. His products are practical and they truly add value. Bruce is a knowledgeable, talented and entertaining communicator. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Bruce in the future.” – Steven Drexel, President and CEO, CSG Holdings, Inc, & CORESTAFF Services (former)

  • "For the past several years I have used Bruce's analysis of the employment market to guide our services at Berman Larson Kane. Bruce's straightforward analysis not only interprets past events but also is an excellent prediction of the future job market direction. As the immediate past chairman of the National Association of Personnel Services, I recommend his employment blog to all those in the staffing and employment professionals." – Bob Larson, CPC, President, Berman Larson Kane

  • "I just wanted to share with you how much I appreciate receiving your email each month regarding the employment situation in the country.  Bad news is never something to delight in, but valid news has a value and a usefulness that is worth it's weight in gold.  Thank you for doing the sifting through the numbers for us.  Soon or later, and I certainly hope it is sooner, the numbers will turn around and the trend lines will show growth once again. In the mean time it is good to have an idea of what is really going on out there." – Jim De Kornfeld, Regional Director, HelmsBriscoe

  • "As a speaker at our annual conference, Bruce demonstrated the uncanny ability to take complex and often arcane economic data and translate it into information that business leaders can understand and use effectively.  That's as close to a crystal ball as it gets in the world of commerce!" – Peter Weddle, Executive Director, International Association of Employment Web Sites

  • "When it comes to needing the big picture on employment trends and statistics, Bruce Steinberg is the man to call.  He possesses not only a broad understanding of the resources available, but also an intimate knowledge of their histories, their development, their meanings, their inconsistencies, and their shortcomings."  – Bruce A. Ackermann, MBA, CFA, Ackermann Money Management, Palo Alto, CA (former Interim HealthCare of Hawaii franchisee).

  • “I have always found your reports and analyses perspicacious, incisive and very comprehensive. You have the best grasp of all the various government statistics and reports – hence your work is the best I know.” – John Bowmer, former Chairman and Chief Executive, Adecco SA, the world’s largest staffing company (more than €17 billion in global revenues in 2004) with 6,000 offices in 70 countries and territories.

  • “Bruce is an expert writer, researcher and communicator. He combines mastery of technical detail with a flare for presentation that makes his work compelling to laypeople and informative to experts.” – David Autor, Associate Professor, Department of Economics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

  • “If you want to know what is happening in the U.S. labour market, ask Bruce Steinberg. He is the seismograph of employment development and reading his data and analysis will make you more confident on predictions of staffing needs in the economy, the services that you can provide for the industry, and for the development of employment services that the economy requires. So far I have not seen similarly good sources anywhere else in the world.” – Peter Auer, Chief, Employment Analysis and Research Unit, Employment Strategy Department, International Labour Office (ILO), Geneva

  • “I’ve followed and depended on the quality of Bruce’s analytical work since 1991. I believe he has an incredibly deep knowledge of the staffing industry as a whole and how it relates to the larger U.S. economy. His thoughtful and in-depth analysis of the industry and its trends have provided VCG with valuable guidance in our ongoing development of products and services for this dynamic industry.” – Phil McCutchen, Marketing Manager, VCG, Inc.

  • Bruce, you're THE BEST! You've been a pillar in our profession for many years. Thanks a million for all you dedication and hard work. – Janey Moores, founder, BJM Associates, Inc. (since 1971, currently operates multiple divisions in major markets throughout Kentucky).

  • "Thank you for the presentation you delivered to our ISA group. Everyone thought the information was not only timely but very informative, specifically the level of detail you can provide, all the way down to the county and city levels that pertains specifically to the staffing industry. We were very impressed with not only the accuracy and the depth of the facts but also with how fast you can deliver the information. The service you provide can definitely help a staffing or recruiting professional determine where they should focus their time and energies as well as their recruiting dollars so they can optimize their results. We sincerely appreciate learning more about the services you offer and gladly recommend you to anyone in the staffing industry.” – Richard J. Carroll, Grafton Inc.


  • Bruce is an invaluable resource to me in working through the strategic planning process with my clients in the staffing industry. Bruce consults with me on each engagement and customizes his deliverables accordingly, exceeding my expectations each time. He expediently gathers and compiles the data I need and delivers it in user-friendly reports which make the analysis portion of my job easy. Because with Bruce's assistance I can make strategy recommendations with confidence and accuracy, my clients benefit greatly in turn. He is the ultimate "consultant's consultant." – Amy Bingham, Bingham Consulting Professionals

  • "I have enjoyed working with the Employment Tracking Tool system. Your employment tracking tool has given us great localized information on which industries to move forward with for my existing commercial business, which places Administrative/Clerical, Engineering and Accounting personnel." – Marsha Murray, CPC, Murray Resources (Houston, TX)

  • "Bruce Steinberg's monthly U.S. Employment Situation podcast provides a valuable first-on-the-scene report of the latest employment data.  Bruce's product is unique for its straight-forward layman's language and well considered animated graphics, which makes it an extremely useful tool for non-economists without holding back any of the detail professional analysts need.  His quick, unpretentious and often humorous delivery should make even the most time-stressed executive stop to listen.  I strongly recommend his service to any manager who needs to respond quickly to labor market forces." – Richard C. O'Sullivan, Change Management Solutions, Arnold, MD

  • "I subscribe to all the economic podcasts on iTunes (there are only two other sources – Bloomberg and NPR). So I was very happy to find a third podcast on employment by Bruce Steinberg. And now he goes yet another step further creating "mini-movies" to clarify the trends and make it visually compelling.

    He is a tremendous resource on the web." – Michael Donnelly, former Chief Economist, Progressive Business Publications

  • I enjoy reading the Monthly Employment Report; I find the report to be informative, detailed and succinct. The podcast is great! It's the best visual presentation that I have ever seen that covers the Monthly Employment data. – Gene Rosario, Director,
    Strategic Staffing, Inc.

  • "I met, and worked, with Bruce more than 20 years ago when he first entered the staffing industry. His work stood out then and today continues to produce relevant information and great products. Over the past few years he has developed, and improved upon, one-of-a-kind information based on national, regional and local employment developments. He has created state-of-the-art tools that staffing companies can use to make strategic marketing decisions based upon actual market trends." – Wayne Stickles; Spherion Corp. (retired); Springfield (MA) Spherion licensee (former owner); staffing consultant; (contact details upon request).

  • "I subscribe to all the economic podcasts on iTunes (there are only two other sources – Bloomberg and NPR). So I was very happy to find a third podcast on employment by Bruce Steinberg. And now he goes yet another step further creating "mini-movies" to clarify the trends and make it visually compelling. He is a tremendous resource on the web." – Michael Donnelly, Chief Economist, Progressive Business Publications

  • Here's a testimonial for both my Temporary Help Services Interactive Data Book and Employment Tracking Tool products from a contract technical staffing company that supplies engineering, telecommunications and IT professionals nationally through its Texas, Alabama and Delaware Valley regional offices and covers all engineering disciplines. Some of its long-time clients include Dupont, IBM, GE, Ford, Exxon, and Weyerhauser to name a few.
    "These tools became an integral part of our annual and ongoing marketing and strategic planning processes. We are able to show both senior and local management where our offices stand in the local marketplace, benchmark the local office's performance to their market, determine how well they are servicing the target segment consistent with our business plan, and begin to make adjustments to our business plan. The information in these tools is very consistent with the street-level market conditions and Bruce was able to make uncannily accurate conclusions of what was going on in our various markets just by looking at the data." – name withheld (furnished upon approval by client).
    Request details on client

  • "As a small regional niche staffing company we always believed that collecting meaningful marketing data was either not available or if it were available it would be too expensive. Bruce Steinberg's Temporary Help Services Data Book proved these assumptions wrong. We searched numerous marketing resources for definitive, meaningful, and detailed data before we discovered and purchased the Data Book from Bruce Steinberg. This is an invaluable resource for any staffing company positioning for growth. The information we collected in the Data Book was a significant part of the basis for our strategic plan that included migration into different staffing segments. I couldn't recommend it more fervently." – Scott E. Kuethen, CEO, Amtec Human Capital.



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