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Media Coverage

I am a highly regarded and sometimes quoted source in the media on employment issues, the staffing industry (including temporary help services), and overall employment trends.

By selecting the pre-formatted search engine links below, you will see results with news stories, media outlets and company websites that included my expert testimony; most of these are from when I was with a former employer. Although Google may be the best known and biggest, it isn't the only search engine and different ones will yield further sources. You may want to skip the first result or two since they point back to this website.

  • If you click on this Google.com link  , the results will show several screens of materials that reference me as an employment services expert/spokesperson.

  • Here is a pre-formatted  Bing   search, a newly released search engine.

  • Also, this Yahoo search   will return numerous results, many of them different than the Google, MSN, or Ask.com.

  • AOL Search  will generate similar, but not necessarily 100% of the same, results.

  • Gigablast is a another search engine that deserves a search as well.

  • This Ask.com link   will also produce a plethora of stories in which I am included as an expert source authority on employment issues.


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